I’ve been reading “I stayed” and “I left” stories for the past couple of weeks. I’ve been reading men and women overlook the shame of these victims, and tried hard not to fall back into the thought that it was my fault. I don’t share my story and I’ve realized that’s a disservice for anyone who needs to hear it.

“I stayed because I believed him when he said it was the last time.
I stayed because he threatened me and my children’s lives if we left.
I stayed because I couldn’t afford to leave.
I stayed because I believed that was all I was worth.
I stayed because I felt everyone was tired of me crying wolf and I was ashamed of asking for help.
I left because I couldn’t imagine my daughter ever going through it.
I left because I didn’t want my son to become him.
I left because if I didn’t I was going to die, and that wasn’t going to happen.”



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