My first time

On a soap box of course, my first time on a soap box.
This morning I ran into one of those Who Cares people, the type that loudly exclaims “I do what I want, who cares what people think.” Well damn it I do! I care. I care that we have gotten so self absorbed in our own thoughts and behavior that we forget the bigger picture. That morals and ethics can be and are often driven by being mindful of the people around us.
Honestly their comment wasn’t malicious it was just overwhelming. It makes me realize how much those “Who Cares” people really are people pleasers. That everyone’s trying to one up the other, and forgetting that they’re affecting those who do care. Those who are empathetic to the folks around them and see kids are now responding with the same “I don’t care attitude.” Be considerate when throwing around the “who cares.”



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