Back to reality

I’m sure this title is so common. I’m sure it’s overused and a common meaning is I just got back from vacation. Well that’s not the case today. Today I was reminded of my reality when I came home from a late work meeting and read an email from the teacher letting me know my little boy was on yellow AGAIN. Yes, again. I sat wondering how to handle it and got a little angry because I had to handle it alone. No one there for the millionth time, just me. I wasn’t allowed to be tired or tell his dad to deal with it, there was no dad to call on. I try so hard to never ever wallow in the misery of my kids having one parent. I try so hard to think of others situations and remind myself how blessed I am. But today when I came back to my reality, I couldn’t help but send my angels to bed, drink some wine, and cry. Because sometimes I’m just tired of doing this alone.


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