Late night noises

Insomnia is a bitch… I mean it really is. If it wasn’t for it I wouldn’t be so familiar with every sound the night makes. I still haven’t figured out if all the noise is coming from outside, downstairs or why some go away when I wake up in the morning. The tapping coming from behind my head, soft enough that I don’t usually need to turn around but loud enough that I grab the blanket a little tighter. The loud banging noise the heater makes right before it turns on, or the sound of the house settling at least that’s what I’m told it is when I hear the sound of cracking wood around me. I notice every. single. sound. The loud breathing from down the hall that can turn into a snore at any moment. The train that’s going by and strange loud bang that just happened outside hopefully in the distance.
Sleep would be perfect right now if only closing my eyes meant falling asleep.


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