“Opinions are like ass holes…” You’ve heard the saying.  Last night my son had one of his episodes.  I grabbed the belt and threatened him, don’t push the bed over or else…. Don’t throw any more books or else…. Stop screaming or else… Now let’s be clear I’ve tried the whole spanking him, sitting on him until he calmed, time out, grounding, consequences, etc and let’s be clear his outbursts STILL occur.  I’m the person that likes to overly educate myself, that won’t give up, that once my mind is made up then I’m not satisfied until I’ve succeeded.  I WILL NOT ALLOW MY SON TO FAIL.  As he gets older I wonder how else I can help him, I feel like I’m failing him and it kills me.  So you might day that didn’t change his diet enough or Im medicating a little boy who just needs more outside time.  You’ll even say I don’t spank him enough, or I’m not consistent but once all those things happen then what?  What else do you have to throw at me?  What else am I doing wrong?  Where. are. the. solutions!!??? Where is the compassion?

I am the mother of a 9 year old that has a brain disorder.  I don’t need lists of what I’m doing wrong I need solutions on how to make it better.


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