Let’s just be honest… Let’s just be real…

My kids are bi-racial.  They have a little spicy Hispanic and a little beautiful African American.  They are intelligent, loving, wild, bold, and a pain in the ass.  No not because they’re biracial but rather because they are 9 and 11.  They’re kids.  They’re confusing.  They’re resilient.  So when I went to go shut off my 11 year olds light tonight and she opened her eyes and told me blah called her a nigger today, I was crushed.  I’m a jokester and my first response was “Do you want me to kick her ass?”  My daughter laughed and said “NO Mom!”  We talked a bit about it and I asked her if she knows that comment was wrong and not true, she said I know and moved on.  The fact is I’m her mom, I know what keeps her up at night.  That statement confused her and she didn’t know how to deal with it.  The other fact is kids learn their behaviors from home, and this little girl might have zero knowledge of what it means to say that to someone.  She may just think she’s heard it at home and there was no consequences for it being said.  In my house we don’t get mad at children for racial comments instead we educate, tell an adult, and work through how we feel about what was said.

So pay attention.  Educate. Love.  

Remind your children they’re more then a label.  Remind them they are worthy.


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