Self-righteous …

… it’s not humble.  It’s not honest.  It’s not just being “real.”  

It’s prideful.  It’s selfish.  It’s cruel.

Let’s call it what it is, let’s be real.  You, my self-righteous brother, are an ass hole.  You are disrespectful and continue living in your excuse that you deserve to treat others poorly because you’ve been treated poorly.  You seek out an audience to cheer you on while you tear others down.  You’ve made your own definitions for the words blunt and honest.  

I HATE that the whole time I had an influence on your life I stood by and cheered you on instead of calling it what it is.  That man you hate so much, that man that made your life a living hell, the truth is you’re just like him.  Everything I hated about him, you are.  When you demean the love of your life, when you make your child feel less than because his ideas aren’t in line with yours, all of it…. it’s him.  A part of me wishes that I could tell you what you needed to hear 34 years ago…. that maybe would have changed the anger and selfpityness you carry.

The reality is though that in your bitterness and self loathing you’ve pushed away the ONLY one that stood by you through it all.  That hated for you, that fought for you, that loved for you, and that accepted you for you. 
It’s a lonely and long road only hearing your own voice….Peace and love brother ✌🏼️


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